Frankly speaking, although I love a beach vacay, I’m not a big fan of swimming in the sea or pool! Firstly, you’ll end up exposing your skin to long exposures of the sun rays and can end up having sun burns (not a good look).

Secondly, your skin will actually be excessively dry after swimming in the sea or pool although we are dripping wet because exposing it to the sun to get ourselves dry actually dries our skin even more. 😅

So usually, post dipping after i towel dry my body..i will massage the serum on my hands and legs (and my face) to help repair any damages or dehydration caused by the sun, cleanse it , tone with Beauty Mist , add some HLA Boost serum to pack on more moisture, add more drops off moisturizer and then finish it off with 2 drops of the Pure Serum again.

Always protect your skin people coz having damaged skin due to lack of care is very costly to repair and sometimes irreversible.

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