8 Glasses A Day? You Can Do Better

Majority of us know that drinking water is essential to hydrate the skin. If people ask me what’s my number one go to when it comes to keeping my skin supple and moist. I’d probably say ‘Well, just drink a lot of water’ but truth is relying on water entirely can sometimes be not hundred percent effective. It takes something different than the usual oversimplified ‘8 glasses a day’ advice.

Especially when I’m exposed to heat and dryness all day long, I’d reach for that extra moisture to cool and relieve those dry patches on my skin. An instant relieve I’d say. Needless to say, drinking water is really impactful to the skin inside out but topically applying a hyaluronic serum or intensely moisturising cream in conjuction boosted my skin’s elasticity and hydration by a lot more. 

So, you ladies and gents out there. Do not be afraid of reaching out for that additional help when needed. A face that is healthily moisturised internal and external. It is important to listen when your skin starts to scream ‘Dry!!!’ and BOOST it!