Highlight; Virgin Coconut Oil

Uncountable benefits in one bottle. Many people feel that more ingredients means more benefits which is not wrong but a slight misconception. Our Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil only contains a single ingredient yet packed with a lot of benefits.

When cooking especially Malaysians, we use too much cooking oil which makes our food really greasy and oily. Being a healthier option, we can still enjoy guilt- free fried food thanks to Virgin Coconut Oil not only does it taste similarly delicious, it is also good for our diet and health. Add into your drinks or consume it on its own. Remember though, always in moderation .

It is handy to travel with as well. Acts a makeup remover minus all the chemicals without dehydrating your skin. Kids running around getting cuts and wounds on their body being functional as an antibacterial wipe, speeds up recovery and prevent scarring. Beach holiday gives a very bad sunburn? Fret not, apply Virgin Coconut Oil regularly on skin until the burn starts to subside. Virgin Coconut Oil moisturizes wherever is needed be it lips, hair skin, everywhere!

More than that, we do not only produce our product for the people but also for the environment. Using cold- pressed method in the extraction process makes it better for the environment as it is done in a controlled environment. This prevents the amount of harmful gases being released into the air which regulates in the atmosphere. Our no parfum/ fragrance added policy also goes both ways. 

Glass vs plastic? Food and plastic do not mix well same as plastic and environment. Thus, we housed our oils in a glass bottle to prevent toxicity issues related to plastic. We must understand that to reap benefits for the people we need to give back to the environment. Glass is very environmental- friendly, reusable and recyclable.

We mostly, based our products on Virgin Coconut Oil as the main ingredient due to the numerous benefits it carries. There are just too many things an ingredient can do to your skin and body. Love love love, Virgin Coconut Oil!