“Beauty is skin deep”. This phrase sparks a lot of interest between i should be beautiful or I wanna be beautiful. Despite all that, we missed out on the main point which is deep down we know that what caught our first attention would be the outer appearance because reality check we are constantly needing to put ourselves out there and socialize. Once in a while, you do wanna put efforts in your appearance but what about those lazy days where you feel like climbing back into bed? So, how do you look your best without putting too much effort?

This is why skin is really important in the sense that when you have clear skin, it brings out the confidence in you. Complimented by those cute comfortable outfit, you’re pretty much ready to face the world. I’m always impressed by people that have good skin even without makeup on because deep down I know, I want it too and there’s completely nothing wrong in trying to elevate yourself into being better everyday be it internal or external.

Ergo, don’t be penny-pinching when you’re reaching out for that skincare line you’ve been eyeballing for months. IT IS WORTH IT. A good skincare too, does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to work well. It is best to do some research and know what you’re buying as some skin are very much sensitive to chemicals like my skin. Instantly, my priority would be organic natural skincare but organic may also not work for everybody hence always check the ingredients that can act as allergens to your skin.

Good skincare will usually yield results after constant careful use, be patient as what comes fast leaves fast. And, go for products of your target goal that maybe have benefits in reducing wrinkle and acne such as Moringa Oil and Geranium Essential Oil. If you can read and imagine the ingredients, you’re basically on the right path. Other than that, if you have eczema that occurs on your features, choose products that does not make it worse but heals it at the same time.

There are always better and healthier options out there to make you feel beautiful inside out. Never settle for less than you deserve. Your skin is PRECIOUS.


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