Shoo.. Be Gone Now

It doesn’t hurt to be a neat freak sometimes,prevention really is better than cure. Just like drinking warm water before getting a sore throat or applying sunblock before getting burnt. That’s what VirusBeGone is meant to be “to prevent”. When HFMD due to fomite transmission started to spread out from one kid to another, parents went rampage to avoid their kids from getting infected. It is no denying that in conjuction to the sharing of objects, nurseries and playgrounds, toddlers and children will most likely be the victims. In addition to their weak immune system. But what people are forgetting is that virus and bacteria are everywhere, anywhere you touch AND YOUR PETS, Oh those cute little creatures. So, take precaution! 

The best part that differentiates this particular spray than those on the grocery stores’ shelves would be it is a stain buster but a non bleach bio disinfectant. Some people gets lung or skin irritation when in contact with bleach or strong chemicals. There is no need to be cautious really, just spray anywhere with cat/dog pee stains and wipe it off with a clean towel. The smell and stain will poof away along with the bacteria and virus that might have tagged along uninvited. Brilliant! And maybe instead of using non- environmental friendly air fresheners which wrecks the ozone and complicates your health, you can always opt for a better natural option.  

Other than that, you probably have been wondering. Why are those small annoying pimples look alike are still on your cheeks. There’s no question about it. Many of us are addicted to our cell phones. From endlessly scrolling through Instagram to hitting refresh on Twitter, our phones have become extensions of our arms and therefore, ourselves. I once saw a study showing that our phones have more bacteria on them than a public restroom, Um, ewwwww. Cell phones are magnets for build-up and bacteria, which means throughout the day, makeup, facial oils, and environmental toxins accumulate on our screens which may result in breakouts as you raise your fingers towards your face. Practice cleaning your phone regularly and what i usually do as a person who wears glasses, I would spray some VirusBeGone on a clean cloth and wipe the entire spectacles; because you dont want a series of bad looking styes no no. So, don’t forget to carry this around with you for ultimate protection >.<