FAQ: skincare

When we dive into trying new products, there are many questions playing in our head and the answers can be confusing. We  believe that skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. By using high quality products derived entirely from organic materials, we are not selling ourselves short as it is always worth a try. Below, you’ll find answers to the most common questions our consumers have regarding Cuura.

Everyday routine is important so, pack yourself with our Detox Cleanser, Mist (as a toner) and Serum. Also, don’t forget sunscreen. Cleanse, spritz, moisturize and you are good to go.

Cuura products focus on all skin types and thus we try not to infuse any type of chemical derivatives that might produce negative effects on eczema and sensitive skin. We suggest on trying our serum as many with eczema claimed that wounds and itchiness became much lesser and it got so much better than before. Plus, we do not add any perfume that might cause reactions on sensitive skin but use Essential Oils instead for fragrance.

Using exfoliating products can help make pores less visible  and serum aid in refining the skin’s texture and tightening the pores. We’ve had people coming back for our Pure Serum and French Pink Clay Mask claiming that their marks have reduced and the appearance of pores have minimized greatly! 

Sulfates are used in floor cleaners and are corrosive. Sodium lauryl sulfate is considered one of the more sensitizing cleansing agents and we recommend avoiding it when it is high up on the ingredient list, but that’s NOT because it’s a sulfate; rather, it’s because of its interaction with skin. SLS is a surfactant, which means it has the ability to break the surface tension of water and separate different molecules from one another, which in turn creates a foam or a lather on the skin. This reaction helps to clear away debris, dirt and oil from the top layer of the skin which is why it is so commonly included in cleansing products for the face, hair and body. In small amount, it is considered non harmful but with repeated application. It becomes a questionable issue for our health. Due to that, our Detox Cleanser doesn’t foam up and is completely SLS free.

Virgin Coconut Oil other than packed with benefits whether consumed or applied onto skin. It also acts as a natural makeup remover. Think of it this way, if a VCO is capable of removing marker marks on skin, what else your makeup. The best part is that it does not leave your skin feeling all dry afterwards. 

Cuura Boost Serum is water based, contains natural Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to plump and hydrate skin and needs to be worn before your moisturizer. It retains good amount of moisture in our skin to make sure it doesn’t dry up throughout the day.

Our Pure Serum , though 100% oils works wonders on oily skin as it helps to balance the oils on your skin as well. It absorbs really well too so it doesn’t give away an oily texture but only pure healthy glow.

Yes, the process of producing a product at Cuura is done absolutely cruelty free from A to Z ! Cuura’s products are 100% vegan too as all of the ingredients are derived safely from plants.

The main use of parabens are that they react as preservatives to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold, in order to protect both the products and consumers. Even so, parabens have been associated with a lot of cancer cases. At Cuura, we believe that honesty is the number one policy. We strive to find the best replacements in making sure that both the products and consumers interest go hand in hand. 100% no paraben.

We advise people to spray on the surface of places or things to be disinfected rather than spraying directly onto skin. There has not been any side effects prior to the liquid getting in contact with skin due to the product being natural and also biodegradable however if irritation occurs, wash immediately with water.

Our Pure Serum is packed with benefits but to emphasize is the Moringa Oil. One of the benefits of using Moringa Oil is that it can slow down the aging process. It is said that “Moringa oil contains 72% oleic acid, making it one of the most penetrative oils. It carries nutrients deep into the skin, maintaining elasticity, smoothening out wrinkles, and imparting an overall glow to the skin.