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The perfect nutraceutical blend with 9 amazing super antioxidants to help repair, brighten, protect and rejuvenate your skin from within. GloNectar is an edible skincare which works cohesively with your topical skin routine to help achieve that healthy glow

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In stock


The SKINCARE YOU CAN DRINK with a power blend of: vitamins C, E, K, B, folic acid, iron, zinc, selenium, with a power shot of superantioxidants and nutrients pomegranate, California prunes, rice bran extract, applephenol, lycopene, hithion, astaxanthin, and cerepron-F designed to reduce the free radical effects of the sun, pollution, stress, protects overall skin against oxidative photodamage, which can lead to signs of premature ageing like dullness, uneven tone, fine lines, and loss of firmness.

Drink as part of your healthy morning ritual on its own or to be mixed with your favourite juices or smoothies. It tastes of prunes and pomegranates. The single-dose packets fit easily into your daily routine for a healthier, much more radiant complexion.


Anyone! Even if you are pregnant (after the first trimester), breastfeeding, having your period, menopause, men.
Do consult your medical practitioner if you have any illness.

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Pomegranate, California Prunes, Vitamin C,  Hithion (Yeast Extract), Astaxanthin (Seaweed Extract), Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Lycopene (Tomato Extract), Apple Extract, Rice Bran Extract and Cerepron-F (Yeast Extract). Contains Permitted Flavoring and Preservative (INS 202) Substances. Contains Acidity Regulator (INS 303) and Thickening Agent  (INS 415) as Permitted Food Conditioner. Contains Acesulfame Potassium as Permitted Non- nutritive Sweetener.

1 pack – 15 sachets X 15gm ( you can consume 1 sachet per day or every other day )

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70 reviews for Glo Nectar

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Image #1 from Adilah


Really improved my gut health!

Image #2 from Faizah


I love the taste N smell goods😉

Image #1 from Adilah
Image #2 from Faizah
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  2. A

    Lost count dh pack ke berapa. Consume everyday without fail.

  3. AN

    Love it!

  4. VB

    Love every taste of it!! thank you Cuura team! 🙂

  5. A

    Really improved my gut health!

    Image #1 from Adilah
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